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Hire It Now is an A-Z directory of New Zealand products and services for hire, listing hundreds of businesses throughout the country. Our goal is to make customers aware of the diverse range of services and products out there for hire in New Zealand. Find a product or service by clicking its appropriate letter above.

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McDuffs World of Golf
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEntee Hire Services Ltd
McEwing's Mountain Sports Ltd
McGhee J T
McGhie Plumbing Ltd
McGibbon Gavin
McGlashen Rental Services Ltd
McGlone Plumbing Ltd
McGregor & White Electrical Limited
McGregor Electrical & Security Services
McInnes G Ltd
McIntyre Caravans Ltd
McIntyre Families Ltd
McKay Contracting
McKay Electrical 100% Your Electric Store
McKay Engineering
McKay Hardgrave Forklift Hire
McKay's Contract Gardening
McKellar Property Services
McKellar Property Services
Mckenzie Igeal
McKenzie's Home Furnishing Centre
McKillop Electrical Ltd
McKinlay Ian Electrical
McKnight & Brown Ltd
McLarens Electrical Services
McLellan Plumbing Ltd
McLellans Plumbing & Heating
McLeod Cranes Ltd
McLeod Electrical
McLeod Quad Adventures
McNae Electrical Solutions
McPheat Plumbing
McPhee Engineering & Crane Hire Ltd
McPherson's Electrical Services
McPherson's Electrical Supply
McPlumber Ltd
McRobb Plumbers Ltd
MCS Computers
McSweeney-O'Connell Plumbing Services Ltd
MDW Electrical Services Ltd
Mead F C & Sons Ltd
Meadows & Hall Plumbing Ltd
Medici Catering Co. Ltd.
Mega-Bite Caterers
Mein R D Plumbing Ltd
Melray Electric Ltd
Mel's Diner Mobile Kitchen
Meltzers Suit 'N' Shoe Lounge
Memento Video Productions
Memories On Video
Menzies Group Ltd
Meo Paul Electrical
MEP Plumbing Taranaki Ltd
Mercedes Limousines
Mercer Larry Electrical
Mercury Bay Charters M V Carousel
Meridian Charters Ltd
Merrylees Electrical Ltd
Merv George Plumbing & Drainage Ltd
Merv King Electrical
Meticulous Maids
Metro Fridge Rentals
Metro Productions Ltd
Metro Rentals
Metro Staging Services
Metropolitan Rentals Ltd
Michael Jeans
Michael W Tuck Motors Ltd
Midge Marsden Band
Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd
Midnight Mobile Disco
Mike Bates Plumbers Ltd
Mike Burnett
Mike Fleetwood
Mike Fryer Electrical
Mike Gunson Electrical
Mike James Plumbing
Mike Jones Plumbing
Mike Marshall
Mike McCarthy Electrical Ltd
Mike Norton Electrician
Mike The Cleaner
Millar Plumbing & Drainlaying Ltd
Millennium Electrical Ltd
Millennium Enterprises
Miller Helicopter Services Ltd
Millers Blenheim Ltd
Milliken Mr F J
Mini Bins Ltd
Mini Bus Hire
Mini Skips

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