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Hire It Now is an A-Z directory of New Zealand products and services for hire, listing hundreds of businesses throughout the country. Our goal is to make customers aware of the diverse range of services and products out there for hire in New Zealand. Find a product or service by clicking its appropriate letter above.

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K & B Contractors
K & B Plumbing Ltd
K A & L L Tucker Electrical Ltd
K B Electrics
K C Ditchburn Electrical
K D H Ltd
K J Morgan Plumbing Ltd
K K Electrical Ltd
K McCready Electrical Ltd
K Percy Electrical Ltd
K R Copestake Ltd
K W Electrical
K2 Associates
Kahutara Canoes
Kaiapoi Brass Band
Kaiapoi Electric
Kaijser A
Kaikohe Cleaners
Kaikohe Hire
Kaikohe Recycling & Refuse Contractors Ltd
Kaimai Cycles
Kaipara Harbour House Boats Ltd
Kaitaia Club Electrical
Kaitaia Drycleaners
Kaitaia Plumbing
Kaitoke Country Gardens
Kantuta Latin Dance Band
Kapiti Hire Ltd
Kapiti Tours Ltd
Karamu Coachlines
Karamu Trail Track
Karaoke & Jukebox Hire
Karaoke Magic
Karaoke With Jeanette
Karenz Evening Gown Hireage
Karl M
Karlkleen Ltd
Karlsson Plumbing Ltd
Karori Golf Club
Karori Mowers & Chainsaws
Karori Plumbing & Drainage Services
Karp Interiors 2000 Ltd
Karrus Commercial Dish & Glasswashers Ltd
Katikati Bus Company Ltd
Katikati Hire Centre
Katikati Rental Cars
Kay Communications Ltd
Kayak & Outdoor
Kayak Direct Downunder NZ Ltd
Kayakers Lodge
Kayaking Kiwi
KBB Music
KBB Music
KD's Electrical Ltd
Kea Campers (New Zealand) Ltd
Keegan Electrical
Keepin Time
Keith Good Electrical Services Ltd
Keith Grays Plumbing & Drainlaying
Keith Hooper Electrical
Keith Long Plumbers Ltd
Keith Scott Plumbing
Keith Whiting Plumbers
Keith Williams Photography
Kelectric Ltd
Kelly Chambers Electrical
Kelly Services
Kelly Services (NZ) Ltd
Kelso Cleaning Services Ltd
Kelvin Yates Electrical Ltd
Kenna's Plumbing Services Limited
Keri Cleaners
Kerikeri Hire Centre Ltd
Kerikeri Rentals
KES Kaipara Electrical Services
Kevin & Colleen Aldridge
Kevin Bridle Photographer
Kevin Crosbie Electrical
Kevin Henderson Plumbing
Kevin Hillier Electrical Ltd
Kevin Madsen Electrical
Kevin Morgan Plumbing Ltd
Kevin P Ryan Ltd
Kevin True's Plumbing Ltd
Kevin Westgate Plumbing Ltd
Kevin Whale Plumbing Ltd
Kev's House Maintenance
Kewpie Cruises
Key Electrical Limited
Khandallah Plumbing Limited
Kiddy Kozzy's
Kids Krazy Costumes
Kids 'N' Action / Rockies Playland
Kidson Construction 94 Ltd
Kimroy Photography
King Appliances
King Electrical
Kingdom Music
Kingdom Music
Kingfisher Plumbing Ltd
Kings Plant Barn Ltd
Kings Rental
Kingston & Kemp Ltd
Kinross Car Groomers
Kinsmen Group 1986 Ltd
Kintail House
Kirk Slater
Kirkham Electrics Ltd
Kitchen Care Services
Kitson's Electrical Services
Kiwi Action Rentals
Kiwi Auto Homes Ltd
Kiwi Baby
Kiwi Baby
Kiwi Campervans
Kiwi Coast Cruises
Kiwi Control System Ltd
Kiwi Direct Rental Cars
Kiwi Hire
Kiwi International Hotel
Kiwi Jet Boat Tours
Kiwi Motorcycle Rentals Ltd
Kiwi River Safaris
Kiwi Self Storage
Kiwi Self-Storage

Index Page : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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