Hire It Now was launched in 2004 by a couple of likeable chaps from Lower Hutt (Naenae College boys actually), filling a niche in the market online in New Zealand.

As a search directory our focus was Hire Products and Services rather than Hire Companies, Why? Because enquirers already knew what they were looking for and the region, we provided a portal from product to region and ultimately to a business, linking the dots you could say.

At the time in 2004 hire companies were just beginning to understand the value in having their own website and some took the plunge, some companies were challenged with the cost and the underwhelming results when they did it themselves, none the less having a website wasn’t essential when advertising with Hire It Now as we had a webpage display all your details, the most important thing was to ensure you could maximise your advertising from categories relevant to your business.

Fast forward to today and how things have changed with the internet, in terms of advertising our focus has remained the same, it’s just a different way of doing things, displaying details to ensure you continue to get better results on your bottom line from more enquires.

Recently we updated some of our features (not for the first time) by providing more information with mapping, social media links, company stuff and more photos’.
We are also mobile friendly with over 40% of enquirers via phone or tablet making it quicker to find Hire Providers.

If you are here to find out “About Us” before you take the next step and become a "Featured Advertiser” then here are some points we would like to cover.

  • New Zealand grown owned since 2004 with over 2 million page views since then.
  • 20,000 pages views per month with over 90% of those referred from Google
  • New Zealand’s only dedicated Hire Directory, if they view one of our pages, it would be fair to say they are genuinely looking to hire.
  • 646 categories and still growing.
  • 3 web links per category back to your business (for you SEO guru’s).
If you want to know more “About Us” then feel free to talk to us.

If I could leave you with something quotable it would be this

“The only Regret in life you should ever have, is not doing it”

Could this apply here?.

New Zealand's only dedicated online Hire Directory

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